Draining Hex Energy

Hey Hexperts!

This week’s update is about some of the specific gameplay mechanics we’ve been working on. In Hexile, you progress through the game by manipulating the world around you using different abilities (“powers”) to solve puzzles. These powers can be used by draining energy from the hexes that make up the landscape.

Draining energy from the hexes lets you use powers to complete puzzles. However, you can’t just go draining hexes willy-nilly to save up energy! You can only store a limited amount of energy at once, and after you drain a hex of its energy, you can’t manipulate it. If you end up needing to manipulate a hex that you’ve already drained in order to complete a puzzle, you’ll have to give that energy back.

The giving energy to hexes power will also be useful as you encounter parts of the landscape where the hexes’ energy has already been drained, or needs to be transported. We’re excited to share more about how you’ll be able to manipulate this world in future updates!

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