Meet the Team: Jess!

How did you get involved with Hexile?

The fearless leader of Dystrophic happened to be a friend of mine, and this summer I had been searching for a way to make gaming a bigger part of my life. I feel lucky to be able to join the team!

What kind of stuff do you do for the game?

I do an assortment of things, with the main focuses of late being writing, outreach, and digital asset modification. In the future I plan to help out with level design as well.

What kind of stuff do you like to do outside of Hexile?

Outside of Hexile, I love playing other indie games! I also am pursuing an undergraduate degree in English and devote most of my free time to engagin in activism through education and service.

What’s your favorite video game? (Alternatively, what are you playing and loving right now?)

The video game that stole my heart last year and has yet to return it is Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Triple A titles don't normally do it for me, but this one is a wonderful exception.

Why do you think Hexile is a cool project?

I think Hexile has a rare combination of a compelling story and refreshing platforming mechanics. This is a game that unites both traditional and entirely original components of first-person puzzling -- I can't wait for folks to play it.

By the way, We're on twitter: @WeAreDystrophic.
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