Meet the Team: Olivia

How did you get involved with Hexile?

I got involved with Hexile through knowing Eddy--he knew I was a writer, and he asked me to come chat with him and a few other people in the early stages to hash out what the story was. Which, at that time, was a lot of catching plotholes and asking questions like “does the player-character need to eat?”-- the world mechanics, things that players don’t see, but writers still have to think about!

What kind of stuff do you do for the game?

I started out as a writer, and I’m responsible for approximately one-third of the script. After the initial script writing was done I started doing marketing for the game, so now I write all the development blogs and a lot of the stuff seen on Twitter, as well as some stuff that’s still behind-the-scenes.

What kind of stuff do you like to do outside of Hexile?

I love baking!! I bake every week, which my roommates are happy about. :) But I also spend a lot of time on personal writing, as well as reading (mostly books and food blogs).

What’s your favorite video game? (Alternatively, what are you playing and loving right now?)

I’m the least “gamer” of the dev team, I think -- I love Nintendo games and farm simulation games. Right now I’m loving Stardew Valley, after months of people recommending it to me, and my favorite video game right now is probably The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Why do you think Hexile is a cool project?

Honestly, the music and surreal beauty of the Hexile world from the first trailer is what pulled me into this project, but what keeps me here is how earnestly everyone on the team believes in what they’re doing. All of us are here because we want to be here, and it’s an amazing environment to be doing creative work in. I’d never written anything creative collaboratively before the Hexile script, and that was a really interesting experience--co-writers are beta-readers and creative partners and critics all in one, and working with others so closely really contributed to the quality of the final product.

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