not your average game studio.

We are a small and passionate group of writers, artists, designers, programmers, musicians and entrepreneurs daring to leave a mark on this world. Obsessed with the human condition and the impact of art, we strive to make video games that leave the player in a different reality than the one they walked in with.

dystrophic was founded by and is led by Edwin Walda, a Harvard graduate. He is currently spearheading the development of Hexile.

Edwin created dystrophic to facilitate the completion of the game, as well as future projects. As our projects grow, so will dystrophic, so we are always on the lookout for new talent. Whether you code, or create art, whether you do videograhpy or prop making, if you feel the way we do, drop us a line. (A prop maker joined our team for our appearance at Pax East, you never know!)

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