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Release Date: TBD
Price: TBD
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
  PS4, XBOX One
Twitter: @WeAreDystrophic


Hexile is a 3D first-person puzzle platformer developed independently by Dystrophic, led by Edwin Walda. The goal of Hexile is to change the way players think about their impacts on the world around them through an immersive narrative and innovative gameplay. The player is dropped into a beautiful and mysterious world and all that is known is what has been left behind, in the scraps of notebooks of a long forgotten team of researchers. As the player learns about the landscape, they collect powers of manipulation that bring them closer to the truth. But, some secrets are best left hidden. The puzzle must be solved: Hexile beckons.


- Tight, fluid 3D platforming.

- Experience a philosophical narrative
with themes of loneliness
and self-reflection.

- Manipulate any and every hexagon
in the environment!

- Explore a beautiful and unique landscape.


Winner of Best Technical Innovation Award at New England Student Game Design Showcase 2018
Runner Up in Serious Games Category at MassDigi's Game Challenge 2018
Winner of Best Technology Award at Mass Digi's Game Challenge 2018




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