Winner of Best Technical Innovation Award at New England Student Game Design Showcase 2018
Winner of Best Technology Award at Mass Digi's Game Challenge 2018
Runner Up in Serious Games Category at MassDigi's Game Challenge 2018

The Teaser Trailer

What is hexile?

Hexile is a 3D platformer in which you play as an unnamed character in a strange land. You gain the ability to manipulate the hexes around you to uncover the secrets of the land and find out why you're really there. Hexile deals with themes of loneliness, philosophy and the human condition in its narrative, and is sure to leave you with something to chew on after all is said and done.

More details will arrive as Hexile continues to be developed. So for now, consider Hexile to be the child of Portal and The Stanley Parable, that idolized Myst as a child, and we'll see to delivering just that. Or something close.

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