Fall Development Update

Hey Hexperts.

So, there’s news. October has been a busy month; a month full of surprises--and there are still two weeks left! Life threw us some curveballs this month. Amid all the craziness, however, we’ve also gained a lot of clarity. We’ve realized the importance of nuance in indie development, and the value of taking pressure off in order to make something as good as it can be.

We’ve realized that we don’t have to kill ourselves to make Hexile happen--it’s still a thing we love, still a thing we’re devoting time to as life allows, but the things we love don’t have to kill us in order to be legitimized as passions. We’re super excited about making a game that fulfills every aspect of our vision, and giving it the time it needs to be that.

So here’s the news: We’re going to go through another incubation period with Hexile. Because of that, and because of the looming holiday season, we’re changing our development updates to being posted here monthly instead of weekly.

Thank you for your continued support, and thanks for reading. We’ll be back in November!


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